We are located 1 km south of Harstad town center.

Single room from 550 NOK
Double room from 650 NOK

All double rooms have kabel TV.
All room internet connection is included.  And free parking.

It is a shared shower and toilet.

A living-room and kitchen is also available.

Room reservation :

phone: +47 77 06 64 66

Cancellation and no (No show)

An agreement on reservation of a room is binding on both parties. If one party breaks the agreement, he is obliged to pay compensation to the other party. If the guest has incurred extra costs due to the booking, the guest must pay these costs in full. Compensation for rooms that are not in use, calculated using the following practice when it comes to individual guests:

a) General bachelorette If guest absent without cancellation (No show), the guest pays room rate for a day.

b) Late cancellation If the room at the latest. 18.00 days before arrival, the guest house compensation from the guest. If the cancellation is later than this date, and the room can not be rented out to another guest, the guest pays the price for one day.